5 Naughty Things to Do After A Breakup

5 Naughty Things to Do After A Breakup

Breakup is often the most difficult and toughest period faced by most individuals who have experienced it. A quirky imagination can make your breakup easier on you. Explore some of the naughtiest things that you can do post breakup to let go and begin life afresh.

1. Make your ex jealous

If there is an occasion where you can meet your ex and if you are sure he will make it there, make yourself present for the occasion. Wear the best of your clothes, indulge in a great makeover, put on a nonchalant attitude and bring another trusted male friend. Make your ex feel guilty about having lost you. However, do not over indulge for you will make him lose any respect that he still harbors for you. Your objective will also fail miserably.

2. Date another man

If you think you can make up your mind to find another soul mate in a short period of time, do so. However, stop yourself from making unnecessary comparisons with your ex. You will end up putting him off as no individual – man or woman – likes to be compared. If you manage to find someone truly deserving, kudos to you! This is often the best way to relieve yourself from post breakup blues. You will feel relieved and happy that you have someone to share your woes with.

3. Hook up with your female friends

Have a naughty girls’ night out. Go out with your other single or committed girl friends who will love to go out for the night. Spend time in a pub or doing something wild that you have always fancied. But ensure you do not do something illegal!

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