15 Ways To Make A Girl Laugh

15 Ways To Make A Girl Laugh

Although impressing a girl is a hard nut to crack, if you can make a girl laugh with your rich sense of humor, it’s half the battle one. So, here we present to you 15 ways to make a girl laugh.

1. The easiest way to make a girl laugh is by making fun of yourself. Relate yourself to a joke. Never overdo it.
2. Narrate a personal story. Any moment that was very silly or embarrassing. This portrays your quality of accepting criticism.

3. Respond in a quick yet witty manner. Answer to her questions with a tint of humor in it. But make sure you don’t do this for a very serious discussion.

4. Internet is a life saver. Use the Internet to browse through some funny pictures or videos when with her. This also makes her physically comfortable and she will share a laugh with you.

5. Being cheesy or lame also works at times in making a girl laugh. Though people generally avoid being lame, some instances can make her burst out laughing.

6. Make sure you are armed with new and hilarious jokes. There are always some classics that everyone would love to hear, but repeating jokes just kills the laugh. If you are not very good at making your own jokes, get them from a good source.

7. Your presentation of a joke also plays an important role in making a girl laugh. Don’t tell a joke with a serious and straight face. Facial expressions and body language do count.

8. Play fun games. Games that are casual and don’t require much attention. A fun game can be a source for some good laughs.

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