5 Most Common Breakup Lines

5 Most Common Breakup Lines

Breakups are an indispensable part of a woman’s life; we bet all of you would agree. At some point or the other, you have simply had to deal with a breakup, whether you were at the giving or receiving end.

1. “It’s not you, it’s rather about me”

This is by far the most common and lamest line which we are sure you must have innumerable times, whether personally or in someone else’s case. It’s clear the guy doesn’t want to make you feel bad, and is taking all the blame on himself. But is there anything worse than a dishonest excuse! After all, now you both know very well he’s just not interested in you anymore and is only trying to find a way around saying that out loud. The best thing to do is to go your own separate ways because, though it might sound bitter, you’re better off without him.

2. “We should start seeing other people”

Beware when you hear this and start looking for other people if you don’t want to be left alone and hurt. When a guy uses this line, it is safe to presume he already has his eye set on someone and would probably be enjoying a romantic dinner with that lady in a couple of hours. He just don’t want to feel guilty and hence wants to clear things with you first.

3. “Let’s be good friends”

This one’s actually very selfish on his part and cruel on you. He is clearly over you, or perhaps wasn’t even into you at the first place. But he likes you as a person and would want you to be available for him when he needs someone and no one else has the time. But if you give him what he wants, don’t expect him to do the same. He’s never going to be around, when you would need him. For your own self esteem, don’t be friends with him. Besides, it’s simply cruel on you because you clearly are not over him and it’s going to be hammers on heart to watch him with someone else.

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