Make Him Want You More By Saying Things He Wants To Hear

Make Him Crave For You By Saying Things He Wants To Hear

Sometimes if you express your feelings to your loved one, he will appreciate it all the more. Don’t just leave him to guess what’s on your mind. Once in a while it’s exciting to let him know what you’re feeling. Here are a few things that you can say to him to make him crave for you.

1. I love the way you look tonight

Just like women, men also like being appreciated though they won’t show it often. If you’re complimenting him on the way he’s dressed, it will be a plus point for you. Also, if your man is really handsome, this statement could also be for his gorgeous looks.

2. Say his name

This might sound strange but when you actually say his name, he feels better and longs for you. But don’t say it every now and then because that will make no difference to him. You should say his name in a surprising way or whisper his name. The trick here is to say his name when he least expects it such as, “I was waiting for the train and… know what happened?”

3. What would I do without you, baby?

This line is sure to make him crave for you. However, you should say this in a soft and alluring voice to make him feel the passion in you. A man will find this to be very sexy especially when it comes from a woman. It makes him feel that you like the fact that he is with you.

4. I had a sexy dream about you

If you want him to get passionate about you, then try saying this line. It might get his imagination running too. You can also go on to tell him the details of your dream.

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