7 Ways Your Smartphone is Destroying Your Life

Ways Your Smartphone is Destroying Your Life

Why the smartphone phenomenon has become so coveted is not a mystery anymore. The mobile phone manufacturing companies just know what would sell and are simply making people feel the need for something they actually do not need. Not more than two decades ago, hardly anybody knew what a mobile phone was and what prospects it could have in the future. And even then, we did just fine! But in today’s time, if you don’t have your smartphone even for an hour, you begin to feel anxious – as though you are missing out on a lot. Smartphones are indeed a marvelous invention, but their utility has been overemphasized over the past few years and thus a newer, better model is introduced every few months. Surprisingly, we too are running after these latest gadgets and trying everything in our capability to get the latest model – the one which has all features smartphones can offer – even if you are never going to use half of them. Smartphones may have made our lives easier, but they also have taken away a lot. Smartphones have become too smart, and have now evolved into menacing machines invading our lives and destroying them without us even realizing it. Listed here are 7 ways your smart phone is destroying your life.

1. You no longer enjoy the moment

Living in the moment is all enjoying life is all about. But now that you have a smartphone, you no longer enjoy life. You are busy updating your Facebook status, clicking photographs (sometimes more than one just to get the perfect click), sending messages, checking out what other people are doing and mostly proving to the world and convincing them that you are having a great time while the ‘great time’ passes by without you having realized it.

2. Your privacy has gone for a toss

Privacy? What privacy? Your boss and all coworkers now literally live with you through your smartphone. You are always available, thanks to the instant messaging, push email facility and all the various apps that are supposed to make your life easier. Now you are subjected to work-related tension and stress round the clock because your boss can send you an urgent email at midnight and you are supposed to have received it on your smartphone.

3. You are not interested in nature

Smartphones have ensured that they are your center of attraction all the time. Whether you are walking in a park or traveling in a train, the smartphone seems to be more interesting that the scenery around. You have hardly looked at a tree or have admired the evening sky ever since you have got your smartphone. You try to find beauty in the smartphone while it is already there around you.

4. You hardly ever read anything

Reading books has become passé. In fact, there is now a whole new generation of those who proudly say that they hate books. The joys and wonders of reading books have become a largely unexplored façade of childhood now, because now there are smartphones which appear more dazzling than the seemingly plain and lifeless books. You would rather play Angry Birds than read Ruskin Bond!

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