5 Halloween Drinking Games for Adults

5 Halloween Drinking Games for Adults

Halloween is just around the corner, and this is definitely one of the most fun time not only for children, but also for adults. Apart from all the eerie and creative costumes, the festival of Halloween also opens the door for several other kinds of fun. If you’re above 21 and like to indulge yourself into a bit of alcohol, here are some fun drinking games you could have with your family and friends.

1. Trick or treat

An extremely simple yet really fun game. Make six labels with numbers and place them on 6 opaque cups. In three of the cups, pour a “trick” shot, and fill the remaining three with a “treat” shot. Shuffle the cups and lay them in a line. Each player must now roll the dice and drink from the cup with the number that corresponds to the number on the dice. Periodically, mix up the cups as you refill the trick and treat shots. The main fun in the game comes from the suspense as to what is it that you’re going to get to drink.

2. Wrap-a-mummy

Divide the members taking part in the game into two groups. One person from each group has to stand still to become the mummy. Each team is provided with one roll of toilet paper. With the start of the clock, each team has to roll their mummy character entirely with the roll. The team that completes this first is the winner, and the players of other team has to drink a pint of some nasty Halloween punch.

3. Horror movie drinks

This one is really simple and a lot of fun. Almost every channel shows some or the other horror movie during the Halloween season. Pick any one such movie and sit together with your friends and family. But make sure you have a lot of drinks with you. Then each of you pick one character. Every time your character screams, you drink. If a girl dies first, all the girls drink. If a guy dies first, all the guys drink. If your character survives the entire movie, everyone else has to finish all the remaining drink.

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