5 Things That Every Man Wants In His Wife

5 Things That Every Man Wants In His Wife

You must always wonder at some point or the other, what in the world does a man want in his wife, so you can know what is it that you can do better to be the perfection you have always wanted to be! Listed here are a few things every man wants in his wife.

1. The ability to cook

It’s true that we have come light years ahead from the time we used to be cavemen, and that everyone can work today, gender no bar! But one thing that is still true is that what makes a woman super desirable is the ability to whip up a delicious meal. We may have gone from chimps to this high powered ambition driven species, but the way to a man’s hear is still through his stomach.

2. Drop Dead Gorgeousness

Not everyone can be born beautiful, but everyone can look gorgeous! What man would not grow like five inches wider upon hearing praises of his wife’s appeal! Do your best to look your best, yet keep it simple instead of overdoing it. Make it seem effortless, at least to him!

3. A warm, maternal instinct

Because men are so close to their mothers, they love to see their wives have a warm and nurturing heart. That does not, however, mean that you cannot be laid-back and completely fun. All men want is for you to care for them with all your heart at the end of the day!

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