5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma

Planning for the best Christmas gift for your granny this time? Well, your hugs and kisses mean the world to her, but just carry a cool surprise and make her Christmas a special one. It need not be an expensive one; in fact she might cherish something you have handmade for her instead of the sophisticated items. However, you can still consider giving your grandma something that can be of great use to her. Check out 5 Christmas gift ideas perfect for your affectionate old woman.

1. Luxurious gifts

Is there something that your grandma always wanted but then pushed it away claiming that to be luxurious? Well, then you have a chance to get that out of her mind and buy it for her, if possible. It can be anything from exotic flavored coffees to her favorite chocolates or cosmetic items, or maybe perfumes or satin gowns. Find it out.

2. Bath towels and bed linens

Grandmas have a strange affinity towards bath towels and bed linens. But, seldom does she throw away the thread bare ones, isn’t it? So, gift her a plush towel and smooth bed linen this Christmas as she deserves the best. You can also be a little creative and gift her personalized ‘Granny’ pillowcase!

3. Handmade gifts

One great option to see your granny’s eyes moist with happiness is by gifting her handmade presents. A sweater or a scarf, a painted portrait of hers, her favorite plant in a pot, kitchen towels with your grandma’s initials sewn on it, a personalized apron or a box full of aromatherapy candles, a handmade photo frame with yours and your granny’s picture are a few options you can consider.

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