4 Ways Facebook Can Get You Fired

Ways Facebook Can Get You Fired

As much as we all love to log on to Facebook every now and then to check updates and posts, to hit like and comment on our friends’ photos and to even make our own status updates, we must be careful and wary of this habit especially during our working hours at the office. Unintentionally and in its own mischievous ways, Facebook can get you in trouble, sometimes as worse as getting you fired.

1. Excessive use of Facebook during working hours

Make sure you are not logged onto your Facebook page for a long time. If your bosses and seniors catch you staring at Facebook during working hours, you are definitely in trouble. One thing you must avoid is taking your own sweet time to upload your holiday pictures. If caught doing so, don’t be surprised if you are fired.

2. It’s a Private Matter

This is something you should keep in mind all the time. Your Facebook page is your private matter and that’s how the settings should be. For instance, if you take a sick leave and are caught partying in photos tagged by your pals, be sure to get a “you are fired” note. Make sure that your page is visible only to your circle of friends and trusted ones. If your page is accessible to your bosses with a few clicks, danger is always looming over your head. Even privacy settings are not a 100% cover against your Facebook activities but they reduce your chances of being caught.

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