6 Tips on How to Make Your Lips Fuller

Want that pout to be noticed for once? There are plenty of girls like you who wish for those plump red lips to complement their pretty faces. Here are the best makeup tips which won’t cost you big bucks or going under the knife. Assets which enhance our looks and makes us more attractive is every girls’ dream. With the tips listed here, you can transform that narrow smile into a ‘fuller’ pout and knock out some of those guys at your upcoming prom, maybe with a sexy blush across those lips. So, read ahead and check out some useful tips to make your lips appear fuller.

1. Choose the Right Color

When we say color, it means the color of your lipstick or maybe you prefer using a lip balm. Either way, the color shouldn’t be on extremes but a medium shade which pertains with the tones of your lovely complexion. Try picking a shade which is just a tad bit dimmer than your original lip color. Make sure your lips shine, but not excessively. Just a little gloss can be the final touch to having fuller lips.

2. Try out Gloss Products

Lips, big or small will always have a thicker profile when you apply shine or just a natural gloss using your lip balms. In case you’re not much into applying lipliners and lipsticks, then the most natural method to make those lips blush would be by using ‘Satin Effect’ stick. Just a pad of gloss and there, you’ve added volume to that pout.

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