4 Signs that You are a True Selfish Lover

4 Signs that You are a True Selfish Lover

There is a belief that true love is selfless and that you would do anything for the other person when you are in love. But the truth is that many times either knowingly or unknowingly we become selfish lovers. Most times we do it not on purpose but we forget that it is not just us anymore and that the emotions and physical needs of another person are also involved when we are in love. Selfish love can be both emotional and physical and it is a main cause for breakup among couples, be it a couple who have spent very short time together or couples who have been together for a long time. For any relationship to work out and be successful you need to be on equal terms and maintain a balance. When one of you in a relationship is selfish, the relationship is bound to crumble. If you do not if you are a selfish lover, here are a few signs to watch out for.

1. You hardly say I love you

You are okay with your partner when he says I love you many times over the day. But it is very difficult for him to elicit I love you even once in a day or many days passes by before you can say I love you. You might be someone who does not believe in saying to prove your love, but sometimes a simple I love you is all what he needs and you would be selfish if you deny him that.

2. You roll over exhausted after you have had your orgasm

It is not only true of men that they do not want anything more to do with you once they have come. Women too lose interest in the sexual act once they have had an orgasm. Sometimes you would just want to roll off him and lie down in peace when he has not come yet. This could be a very selfish act as there is nothing more frustrating to a guy than reaching a peak and not letting it all out.

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