7 Signs You are a Cancer

7 Signs You are a Cancer

Cancer is a zodiac sign that really confounds a lot of people. It has water as its element and just like the water people born under this zodiac sign can be highly unpredictable. If you can see a few similarities with the following traits and characteristics below and feel you share some of those, then it means that you are a true Cancerian.

1. You are very malleable

Just like the water can change its course depending on the surface it travels through, you can also change yourself pretty fast and can adapt to the various challenges that life has to offer; this confuses people as they cannot associate one particular trait with you. But even though you change a lot, you would the change to be on your terms and never forced on you.

2. You are also soothing and nurturing

You have a very natural nurturing tendency and this brings a lot of people to you. You are also very loving and kind and can make good parents and teachers. Students will always find cancerian to be great teachers.

3. You are more a person who gives importance to feelings and emotions than rationality

You would ignore good reason and even better advice to so something if it feels good to you. You would not mind getting into trouble to do something if you are moved enough by it.

4. You are very receptive

This applies to the environment you live in and also the people you interact with. You pick on peoples sensibilities and your actions are based on what you observe in them. You are basically a peoples person, someone everyone can relate to.

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