4 Types of Books to Read While Traveling

4 Types of Books to Read While Traveling

Traveling can be a lot of fun, especially when you have a good company. We are not talking about your friends here, but books. Carrying the right kinds of books during a trip can make your journey so much more enjoyable. To be honest, the kind of books you must carry will also depend upon the place you are traveling to. Check out some of the books you may wish to carry on your next destination.

1. Local books

Whichever country you are visiting, make sure you carry a book or two which will give you some idea about the country, its culture, people’s behavior and attitude. It will help you to cope and adapt with the new place. The series of books about different countries, which goes by the name “A traveler’s history of_______” is a good choice too.
It is also a good idea to carry a map, local guidebook and a dictionary. It never hurts to be fully prepared, so load up with the kind of books that you can rely upon during hours of need.

2. Travelogues

It is imperative that you read and carry books with you that are travelogues. It may not necessarily be about the country you are traveling to. Just carry any interesting travelogues that will make you realize the intricate joys of traveling.
Suggestions from us would include – “The Best American Travel Writing”, the Granta travel writing anthologies and Travellers Tales. You may get inspired to write a travelogue of your own too!

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