5 Father’s Day Activities to Make the Day Special


Are you looking for some cool ways to make this father’s day special? Here they are!

1. Watch movies

There are several movies that can be dedicated to your father. Movies like ‘Father of the Bride’, ‘Field of Dreams’, ‘About a Boy’, ‘Lion King’ and ‘Three Men and a Baby’ etc. can surely be watched on Fathers day.
Pick out movies that your father may love to watch and make some popcorn. Watch these movies at your home along with your father.

2. Plan a game party

If your father loves to play poker, golf or snookers, plan a game party for him and his friends. Depending upon the game, you can either hold the party at your home or arrange for it be played at a club. Of course, there have to be snacks and drinks too.

3. Cook and Eat

For once, let your father be in charge of kitchen. You must obviously give a hand to him in cooking his favorite meals. Just go with the flow and see how much he enjoys cooking. Make sure you have back-up lunch available.
Eat his hand-cooked lunch with him and give him points. See how much he earns and depending upon the points, you can give him some pocket money.

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