9 Best Shopping Malls In The World

9 Best Shopping Malls In The World

What place in the world can provide you with fun, leisure, entertainment and the pleasure of shopping all in one place? A shopping mall, of course! Everyone wants shopping to be an exciting as well as peaceful experience. With malls booming everywhere, you can expect there is competition among them to be the best. So we’ve listed out what we think are the 9 best shopping malls in the world. Read on and take your pick of which mall you like the most and visit it if possible!

1. West Edmonton Mall, Canada

Situated in Canada, the West Edmonton Mall is the 5th largest shopping mall in the world with more than 800 stores. The various options of amusement that you get in this mall are sure to deter you from shopping! It has a theme park called Galaxyland and the largest indoor water park, which boasts the biggest wave pool in the world. It also features a hotel, has theme areas, an ice skating rink, petting zoo, an indoor shooting range, over a hundred restaurants and cafes, mini golf course, cinemas and four radio stations. The interesting thing is that it also houses an indoor lake which has four sea lions and a replica of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’ flagship.

2. Siam Paragon, Thailand

If you’re on the lookout for a shopping mall that pleases your eye with its design as well as includes innumerable brand options, then you should head over to the Siam Paragon in Bangkok. It includes the world’s top international brands and is a delight for any shopper who has a penchant for everything luxurious. The Paragon Cineplex has 21 screens plus an IMAX 3D movie theater and also has the largest aquarium in the southern hemisphere, Siam Ocean World, which lets you wind down after your shopping.

3. The Mall of America, USA

Being the most visited shopping center in America, with over 40 million visitors each year, The Mall of America surely deserves a spot in our list of the best shopping malls in the world. Bountiful is the word to describe this mall. Why? Because it has 520 stores, a Nickelodeon-themed park, an Underwater Adventures aquarium, a Chapel of Love to get married, a Lego Imagination Center and lots more. Plus, they are going to build an ice skating rink, three hotels, a water-adventure park and more exclusive boutiques! All this will be joined via a bridge to the Mall of America!

4. Wafi Mall, UAE

With awards such as Best Shopping Mall, Best Restaurant, Best New Hotel, Best Spa and Best Independent Boutique, Wafi mall in Dubai has earned its place to be among the best shopping malls in the world. It has many original and high profile brands in its 350 stores. You will find everything under its roof from fashion to food to lifestyle to arts and entertainment.

5. Tokyo Midtown Mall, Japan

Here is yet another mall which has great interior design and is a perfect blend of food, fashion, leisure, art as well as business. You can have cuisines from world famous chefs in the dining area, while there are international brands such as Chloe, Harry Winston and Issey Miyake in its shopping arena.

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