3 Meditation Techniques You Must Try to Get The Best Results

3 Meditation Techniques You Must Try to Get The Best Results

Meditation was always considered an esoteric concept of the older community and a practice meant exclusively for those who retire. However, this is not the case anymore. With more stress and distractions available in the world today, the need to meditate effectively has become all the more prominent. However, there is a guide and a few techniques to meditate the right way. When practiced appropriately, it yields desirable and magical results to the body and the mind.

Guide to Meditation

1. Place

Stay in an environment that is free of interruptions or distractions. The environment could differ for different people. A locked room could be comfortable for one, wilderness to another and a place of solitude might suit others. For you, the most comfortable place might be your own backyard.

2. Time

Choose a time when you are free from all responsibilities and chores. You should not have any thought lurking in your mind or some activity that demands your attention.

3. Position

Select a position that is counted among good postures and is, at the same time, convenient. This means, if you are comfortable sitting with your legs folded, it’s ideal. But, if you can’t do that, you may meditate sitting on a chair with your back erect and your feet touching the floor.

4. Alternative forms

You can also meditate while you perform other physical activities such as running, walking or while performing Tai Chi.

5. Point of focus

Always concentrate or focus on some point that is repetitive such as chanting mantras, footsteps, breathing or sounds of birds or insects. The purpose is to avoid the flow of multiple thoughts.

6. Let your conscious thought drift

Instead of forcing your rational and conscious thoughts, you must let them gently drift away from your mind.

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