6 Things Women Look for In Men

6 Things Women Look for In Men

No two women are alike nor are their choices. Else it would had been impossible for the multimillion retail sector to spread its wings! But there are few strands that run common in almost all women – the myriad shades of moods and their unpredictability, whims and fancies, and preferred qualities in men to list a few. Though all the aforementioned common qualities are unique to each woman, but basics remain the same. So what is it that we women look for in men?

1. Intelligence

If a man is intelligent, he is already one step ahead in impressing women. Women seek men who are intelligent, can comprehend problems/possibilities well ahead and tackle with situations better than them. Men who are able to keep up a decent, intelligent and engrossing conversation are always preferred.

2. Sense of humor

Women and mood swings go hand in hand. Smallest of things can take a full swing, slightest of action can trigger chain of thoughts. So it is essential for women to have men who can tickle the jovial bone each time. However, cheesy, juvenile humor or mockery is always disliked.

3. Grooming

Women love men who take care to dress properly, taking care of coordinating colors well in their attire. Shabby clothes, unkempt hair or uncut nails are signs of men who are least bothered about hygiene.

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