6 Signs that You Selflessly Love Your Boyfriend

6 Signs that You Selflessly Love Your Boyfriend

There is a thin line between love and loving too much. Do you love your boyfriend more than you? How will you know about this situation? Well, here are some signs which can help you identify whether you selflessly love your boyfriend.

1. Making him happy

Is making him happy your top priority in life? If yes, then you definitely love him more than yourself. Being in a relationship does not mean you sacrifice your wants and desires for him. Make him happy, but not at the cost of making yourself unhappy.

2. Not talking to friends or family

Every relationship has its own importance in life. Ask yourself a question, will you be able to live without family and friends just to be with him. If your answer is yes, then you love him more than anything else on this earth.

3. Sacrificing your goals

Who would want to do that unless there is a valid reason? The reason behind this situation is your blind love for him. You love him so much, that nothing else matters for you now. Sacrificing all your goals and desires in life to be with him is a proof that you do not love yourself. It is just him that you think of all the time!

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