17 Ways To Be Very Happy In A Relationship

17 Ways To Be Very Happy In A Relationship

Are you in a relationship but still not sure if this is your happily ever after? Are you not all that happy in the relationship? Well then, the following ways to be happy in a relationship will definitely help you out.

1. Make silly rituals and stick to them. Rituals like always going to pick the other up from the airport wearing a ship captain’s hat.

2. Be playful, very much so. Always touch each other and play naughty and nice at the same time. It keeps the excitement alive!

3. Check out people, together! This way you would not feel bad when he discreetly checks a chick out, because he would be open about it. You can tease him about this later.

4. Reinvent first dates. Pretend like you do not know each other and go on a first date, all over again.

5. Dedicate one complete day to each other once a month. Remember the song “I’m a slave for you”?

6. Go out with your couple friends at least once every two weeks. Couples that get drunk together, stay happy together!

7. Roleplay! Monotony is boring, find something new everytime!

8. Communicate in a way he understands. Know when and how to deliver certain types of news and you will be happy.

9. Respect and enjoy space. No one likes a looky lookerson!

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