5 Girly Secrets Boys Would Love to Know

5 Girly Secrets Boys Would Love to Know

Mysterious, confusing, unfathomable. These are the words that come to the minds of most of the guys when they think of girls. It’s true, the mysteries of a girl’s heart is as mysterious and unknown as the dark universe above. So it’s obvious that guys out there are always curious to know what’s up with girls and what makes the world go round for them. So here’s a list of some of the girly secrets that those guys die to know.

1. What do girls talk about for hours on the phone

Well, that’s one thing that all guys are dying to know. What do girls talk to each other? All that girlish talk and gossip, well believe it – guys are equally interested in knowing what’s going on in that head of yours!

2. What does she really want me to say

Often guys go mad asking themselves these questions. If the girl asks, “Am I looking fat?” and the guy gives a negative reply, then she says, “You are lying”. And if he replies in positive, well then God save him because all hell is let loose upon him! So what goes on in her mind becomes one of the biggest girly secrets that guys want to know about. Well the answer is simple. She just needs your love and reassurance. Be there for her and make her feel beautiful! As simple as that!

3. What is her bedroom fantasy

That’s one thing that girls often like to talk to their girl friends only. This one secret is what guys really really want to know!

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