7 Salad Recipes for Fall

7 Salad Recipes for Fall

Salad is the most amazing thing that will sate your hunger as well as will help you to remain in shape. Salads can be green or can be fruits as well. Just add the following ingredients and make a tasty one for yourself. You can also serve it to your diet-conscious friends. Given below are few recipes to make finger licking salads.

1. Cabbage and lettuce leaves salad

Crush the fresh green cabbage and lettuce leaves and mix them in a bowl. Add edible oil to this mixture and add pepper as per your taste. Also top it with cheese as dressing. The salad is ready to serve.

2. Fruit salad

Dice your favorites like apple, pear, strawberries and raspberries into a bowl and add salt to it. Mix these well and serve.

3. Mushroom and chicken salad

Boil both the chicken as well as mushroom in hot water. After they get soft, cut mushrooms and chicken into medium pieces. Toss the ingredients with oil in a bowl. The salad is almost ready; just add mayo for the final touch.

4. Vegetable and spaghetti salad

Slice desired vegetables and collect them in a bowl. Blanch these vegetables and place it separately. In another pan, boil spaghetti and mix it with the boiled vegetables. Add salt and pepper in accordance with your taste and lose yourself in the heavenly delight.

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