12 Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Crush

Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Crush

Do you wish to know whether you are obsessed with your crush? Below are some signs that clearly suggest that you are! Read them up and know where you stand.

1. You show up at parties thrown by mutual friends just so you can have a glance at your crush. You even ask your friend to invite your crush to the party so you can ogle at him.

2. You follow your crush’s every move on Facebook and LinkedIn. You check out his friends, their friends and their friends to make sure there are no attractive girls trying to get their hands on your crush.

3. Any time your crush gets a message on his wall, or a tweet, you thoroughly research the person who gets in touch.

4. You get extremely upset when your crush shows interest in someone else. You begin to make attempts at making that ‘someone else’ look like a fool or bad person in front of your crush.

5. At any given smallest chance, you are happy to talk about your crush. You even make it appear as if he has the same amount of interest in you.

6. You have already named your kids, kids you will be having with him. You have started dreaming of your grandkids too.

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