8 Reasons You Should Attend Your Husband’s Office Parties

Reasons You Should Attend Your Husband's Office Parties

It’s awesome how parties can get you all super excited! It is good to shake a leg once in a while. Though they may seem boring, office parties can be a great platform for socializing with your husband’s coworkers and bosses. An added advantage – you can see for yourself if your hubby dear is the same at office as he is at home. Here are 8 solid reasons why you should make it point to be at your husband’s office party.

1. To flaunt your status

You have a great chance to step out of the house, away from your daily routine. Flaunt those lovely pair of heels and that dazzling new necklace. Oh, and don’t forget to strut a little along your husband’s side!

2. To enjoy the open cash bar

Most office parties have an open cash bar i.e. the drinks are on the house. Why should you miss an opportunity like this just because you don’t know anyone there? Have a drink or two (not too much, mind you!) and get your ‘spirits’ up!

. To observe your husband’s behavior

Either you walk in with your husband or just drop in as a surprise. But, remember to keep your eyes and ears wide open. Office parties offer you a great opportunity to observe how your hubby behaves around his female coworkers – especially if you are doubting the late work hours or the office ‘affairs’.

4. For a fun night together

If your husband’s been too busy lately and you have had no time to unwind, just grab this chance! Get out there and make the most of it. Have a blast with great music, fun dance and good company.

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