10 Crazy Gifts for Your Boyfriend

10 Crazy Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Be it his birthday or your anniversary, be it Valentines Day or Friendship’s Day, do you really need a reason to get your boyfriend, whom you love so much, something? Talk about romantic gifts and he will think you are cheesy. Talk about clothes or accessories and his closet may be over flooding with them. Talk about mementos and there is a risk that they will lie in some corner of his house, completely forgotten and uncared for. There is nothing like a perfect gift, at least most of the time. So when you can’t think of what to get him, why not get him something he totally doesn’t expect. Yes, we’re talking about tickling his wacky side. Get your boyfriend something super wacky this time, and it will be such a delightful surprise for him. Show him how much fun you are by getting him one of these 10 crazy gifts for your boyfriend.

1. Handcuffs

Want to get naughty? Handcuffs will do the trick. Show him how experimental you can get by getting your boyfriend a pair of sexy handcuffs!

2. Thongs

You both will have something to laugh about. Get your boyfriend, a pair of seductive thongs for him to wear. Hey, isn’t this naughtier than the previous one? Your boyfriend too will surely agree!

3. Personalized Boxers

Boxers are something he can use. But when you personalize them with some sexy message by you, it will make this pair of boxers very special to him. He will feel sexy whenever he wears them. Do consider this idea!

4. Funny Love Caricature

Caricatures are hilarious all the time. Get your boyfriend a caricature of the two of you together. Make it cheesy and melodramatic as ever, just to add to the fun. We bet he will love this one more than he would love a proper picture of the two of you together.

5. Photo Montage

What is a photo montage? It is a photo that is formed out of many photos. By cutting and joining a number of photos, a completely new photo is created. The idea is new and fresh, and that is what will make this gift absolutely interesting if you get the worst and the most embarrasing photos of you two together.

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