10 Tricks To Always Look Great In Photos

10 Tricks To Always Look Great In Photos

Do you find yourself tense in front of the camera? Do your lips give way and does your fake smile pop out each time the camera flashes at you? Do you always wonder how your friends manage to look so confident and stunning in photographs? Does the camera become your enemy when you go for social outings? Why don’t you use the tricks below that will help you look great in photos without much effort?

1. Smile

It is said that a smile is like makeup. It adds an extra element of glamor to your face. It makes you appear more confident, even when you’re not. Hence, no matter what, never let that pretty smile leave your face. Smile wholeheartedly. Allow it to reach your eyes and notice the difference.

2. Maintain eye contact

It is very important to maintain eye contact with the lens of the camera. Treat the camera like your best friend. Look straight into the lens confidently. You know you did it right if your eyes hurt, when the camera flashed.

3. Pose straight

No matter what happens, don’t slouch in front of the camera. If you are sitting, sit up straight and if you are standing, stand erect. Maintaining a good posture will make you look good. Therefore, when in front of the camera, suck your belly in and keep your back erect.

4. Hide your flaws

Nobody has a perfect body. Everyone has some flaw or another. The trick is to hide the flaws and flaunt the good features in front of the camera. So if you have a double chin, chin up and tilt your head slightly to one side. Similarly, if you have a zit on one side of your face, show the other side of your face towards the lens. Simple, isn’t it?

5. Wear your makeup well

Even the tiniest of flaws show up clearly on camera. Hence, if you plan to wear makeup, make sure it is done neatly. Avoid using dark colors and stick to paler and lighter shades.

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