7 Weird Beauty Rituals from Around the World

7 Weird Beauty Rituals from Around the World

That the world is a weird place is a known fact. There are tons of bizarre and downright crazy rituals that people follow in different parts of the world. Women will experiment with anything for achieving beauty, even if it involves some yucky things. Here are some of the most weird things that people do in this wacky world to enhance their appearances.

1. Neck rings for longer necks

Certain Burmese tribes consider long necks a symbol of beauty among women. So from a young age, girls of these tribes are made to wear thick metal coils around their necks and as they grow older, the rings keep increasing and so does the length of their necks.

2. Bone crushing for smaller feet

A very painful ritual that rich women in ancient China would perform is to crush the bones of their feet so as to make them smaller as tiny feet were recognized as symbols of beauty. They would tightly bind their feet with bandages and cloth since a young age which resulted in the deformation of the feet.

3. Snail slime

In Chile, people apply snail slime and secretions on their face so as to make the skin smoother. Apparently the slime of these creatures has an element called Allatonin which has moisturizing and exfoliating properties. In fact the slime of these snails is now being used in gels, creams and other cosmetics for anti-aging, acne, blemishes and even pregnancy related pigmentation.

4. Snake massages

This has to be the most terrifying of the lot. A spa in Israel offers its customers a massage wherein snakes are placed on their bodies. Although these snakes are not venomous, it is still quite a scary experience. The hissers are apparently good for relaxing and provide a soothing sensation to people with aching joints and muscles.

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