10 Tips For Choosing The Right Clothes For Summer

10 Tips On Choosing Right Clothes For Summer

What can you possibly think of when someone says summer? Surely, it would be ice creams, lemonades, beers, pool parties and flip flops! Most people have a misconception that one should wear fewer and more skin revealing clothes in summer so that one doesn’t feel hot and sweaty. But here is the truth – you must wear comfortable clothes depending on how hot it is in summer. Check out these for now.


Cool causal tee shirts with ruffles zany cuts, funny slogans, large colorful geometric, floral, abstract prints and unusual translucent finish are great to beat the heat. To look smart and sexy, couple these tees with short cargos, shorts, hot pants or leggings.

2. Pastel colors

Paint the town red with an ensemble of bright colors in your summer closet – be it swimwear or lounge dressing. ‬This will send out a happy vibe to people around you. Though white is the best absorbent,‭ ‬other pastel colors like yellow, pink,‭ ‬lavender, blue and‭ light green are great for summer clothing.

3. Lightweight fabric

Fabrics like cotton, cotton-silk, linen and lycra ‬are called light fabrics because they absorb sweat and allow air to pass through.‭ The latest in light fabric is organic cotton which is manufactured in such a way that it just doesn’t allow the heat to seep through the cloth, keeping you cool and calm throughout the day. If you have to go for a party and don’t want to choose cotton, go for linen. This is a great fabric that will keep you light, yet extremely dressy.

4. Cropped bottoms

With the sun blazing away on your head, your best bet to remain sweat and grime free is to pull up a pair of cropped pants, cargos, capris or shorts. They are also ideal for the beach as you can simply wear them over your bikini or other swimwear. Flaunt your well toned legs with a nice pair of hip shorts.

5. Sundresses

These are trademark apparel for summers! According to your length preference, a summer dress worn with flip flops, a hat and a pair of shades would complete your stylish summer look. You can choose spaghetti straps or strapless summer dresses. Even if you prefer a longer length, it will actually benefit you as it will avoid direct exposure of your skin to the sun. Pick out dresses with halter necks or frills and flares. If you have a great collection of sundresses, it will take you less than a minute to dress up for a pool party!

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