Do You Value Your Life?

Do You Value Your Life?

Very often, people commit the mistake of devaluing what they have rather than valuing it. One of the frequently abused elements falling in this category is life itself. Although, the term is just a four letter word, it encompasses a universe of things or perhaps more. It is often very difficult to define the length and breadth of life. When something is so immeasurable, devaluing it is the meanest thing to do.

The Role of Values

Understanding the relationship between values and actions helps us to realize the meaning of life. Life encases within it myriad values, those that are distinct for different individuals. Values either enhance or deteriorate with time. Values are something that makes an individual think, react and act. Distinguishing between good and bad values is another ocean left to cross. When you prioritize and determine what is really essential, the values you uphold assume significance. Whether you identify or not, values rule our life and make us act accordingly.

Answering Questions

Do you often wonder why you were born? If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, you have most probably not decided on what you want to do. The first task that you need to do is set up goals and work towards pursuing them. Such people are also those who presume that their life is vested in the hands of others rather than self. It is quite a pitiable scenario but can be resolved with determination and focus.

What can you see when you look at the mirror? If your answer is depressing, then it is not that your mirror is showing what is undesirable but your perception that requires a change. Predominantly, it is the self that limits progress and the ability to enjoy and relish even the simplest of things. When you learn to derive the most from your life, all that you will see in the mirror is a smile and peace of mind.

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