4 Reasons Why You Are Unique and Invaluable

4 Reasons Why You Are Unique and Invaluable

Every individual ever born is unique and precious in her own way. No matter who she is, where she is born, how she is brought up, what she does for a living, she brings with herself a distinct individuality from birth. Also, nothing that happens to her can ever take away her uniqueness at a subconscious level. We all are special, and we all are here just to be happy. There is no “purpose” of life as such, or something that we are “born to do” because the primary objective of life is to love and spread happiness, which itself is proof of the fact of how very inimitable and special we are. That is all we seek all our lives – love and happiness, above everything else. Listed here are 5 reasons why you are unique and invaluable.

1. You are living in a very crucial age in history

The period we are living in is very pivotal as far as the history of the world is concerned. We are on the verge of a gigantic revolutionary change that will alter the way of our lives forever. Whether you speak technologically, spiritually or in any other way, futurists are of the opinion that in the near future the way human beings live is going to change owing to a major imminent breakthrough. You are special to be living in a period like this.

2. You can bring positivity into the world

You have the power to bring positivity into the world by making people around you happy. You can spread goodness, empathy and compassion among others including sentient beings on the planet. By your own effort, you can change the world around you in your own little way, and it is no trifling feat.

3. You can change lives

By bringing positivity into the world and spreading happiness and peace, you also have the power to change many lives around you. You can help, teach, inspire, motivate, create awareness and do many other things to affect millions of lives. You have the power to contribute towards altering the lives of many.

4. You can create new things

You are a creator because you can imagine and visualize things. You can give shape to an idea or plan in your mind and can then go ahead and actually make it happen. No other form of life has this ability and you are unique because no other human being too can think exactly the way you do. You are special and unique because you have the power and ability to be so.

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