5 Reasons Why We Love Breaking Bad

Reasons Why We Love Breaking Bad

‘Breaking Bad’ is a popular American crime-drama television series that began in the year 2008 and ran for five seasons. It managed to get a great fan following because of its edgy plot, as well as great actors and overall treatment. Many critics consider it to be one of the best shows of all time in the history of American television.

Even though the series finale was aired in September 2013, a new set of people around the world get hooked on to this show everyday, while many others revisit the earlier seasons for more fun. The story of the show is based on Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), who is a high-school chemistry teacher battling with lung cancer at the beginning of the series. His agenda in life is to secure his family’s financial future, and a turn of events lead him to a path of crime. The show is created and produced by Vince Gilligan, who happens to be the writer and producer for the ‘The X-Files’ as well. If you haven’t started watching the series yet, and are wondering why exactly people all around you love it so much, here is a list of reasons to give you the answer.

1. Fine actors

Bryan Cranston is great, and this is something that is proven very quickly in the series. What is lovely is that there are many brilliant actors for the supporting roles as well, including Anna Gunn (who plays Walter’s wife), Dean Norris (who plays the role of Hank), Aaron Paul (plays Jessie Pinkman) and many others. Each one of them is true to their respective characters, and it’s evident that they have gotten into their characters’ skins very well.

2. Edgy story

The story is the hero here. You know that the show will do well when the narrative is stunning, and the dialogs are impressive. The twists and turns of the show are well timed, and nothing is ever going over-the-top. The best part is that nothing seems like unnecessary fillers, and nothing seems to have been dealt with in a hurry. The team considers their audience to be intelligent; hence, they are not taking anything for granted.

3. Great detailing

The science part of the show is made as accurate as possible. University professors and students across the globe, who are fans of the show, send in their suggestions for improvement in the accuracy of the terminologies used in the dialogs, as well as for the usage of props. And the creators of the show welcome such things, taking it all into account. That just goes to show how dedicated they are to make the show as real and interesting as possible. In fact, they have advisors and external consultants coming in for each of the scientific bits shown during the series.

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