10 New Year Party Games

10 New Year Party Games

New Year is the time to wave a goodbye to the past and welcome the approaching new change with enthusiasm, thus making it the time for celebrations. Every party is incomplete without its share of games and the same can be said for a party at the occasion of New Year.Games add lot of spice to the party by helping break the ice among people. They are like a breath of fresh air for those who don’t enjoy dancing. Here are some super cool party game ideas to choose from to make your party the talk of the town.

1. Musical Chairs

This is a traditional game played at almost every party and just never seems to fade out of fashion. In this game some chairs are arranged in a straight line and the number of chairs used is one less than the number of participants. A person not playing the game takes control of the music. As the music is played the participants walk around the chairs in a line. When the music is stopped, the players have to rush to sit on one of the chairs. The person who is left without a chair is eliminated. A chair is removed each time a participant gets eliminated to make sure that throughout the game there is one chair less than the number of participants. As the game goes on, the participants participants get eliminated one by one. The person who remains till the end wins the game.

2. Bombing the City

This is a great New Year party game which is being played for years. The room is divided into four corners and each identified as a city with chart papers marking each of them. The four cities are written down separately on small pieces of paper, which are carefully folded, shuffled and placed in a bowl. As the music plays, the participants have to walk in a circle covering all the four cities. The moment the music stops, they have to make up their mind and choose a city to rest in. When all the participants are settled in their respectable cities, a non-playing member has to randomly pick up a piece of paper from the bowl. The city thus picked up, is declared bombed. The participants of the bombed city are eliminated and the game continues with the remaining participants. The player, who manages to survive till the end, emerges the winner.

3. Making Funny Faces

This is another conventional party game. In this game, you have to ask your guests to make a funny face and take a picture of them. Let them know that the funniest face is going to win a prize at the end of the game. Once all the pictures have been taken, upload them on a laptop and show them to your guests. The photo that gets the maximum number of votes for being the funniest is, but obviously, the winner.

4. Truth and Dare

Of all party games, this is the most daring game. However, it should be played in a good spirit. Keeping your guests in mind, you can think of creative truths and dares and write them on a piece of paper. Place the truths and the dares in two different bowls. Make your guests sit down in a circle. The next step is to spin a bottle in the center. Once the bottle stops spinning, the person to who the neck of the bottle points at has to choose truth or dare. If he or she chooses truth, then they have a pick a piece of paper from the bowl containing the truths. Similarly, if they choose dare then they have to pick a piece of paper from the bowl containing the dares.

5. Guess the Month

This is great New Year party game as not only it is a lot of fun; it also brushes up your memory of the past year. You can do some research and prepare questions about the incidents that took place in the previous year. The questions are based on asking the month in which they took place. Example questions like, ‘In which month was the FIFA world cup held?’ or ‘In which month did Michael Jackson die’ etc. The person, who answers the maximum number of questions wins.

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