Great Tips To Flirt With A Man

Great Tips To Flirt With A Man

We were chatting with our friends Mark and Jacob last evening, and the topic of discussion somehow turned to flirting. All the ladies in the group pinned them down and begged for some advice on how to flirt with a man. Read on for some great tips.

“I think that the first step a woman should take before flirting with a man is to try and figure the man out. Ask yourself if he is going to like the type of woman you are”, said Mark. “You can be the prettiest woman alive on this planet, but if you’re not his type, your attempt to get him may fail. So try and judge if you are his type or not”, he added.

Jacob went on and said, “Your next most important step in picking up the art of flirting with a man is to make eye contact. For all you ladies out there, this is your moment to shine”. “Why is eye contact so important, Jacob?”, we asked. Impatiently, Mark butted right in and said “Your man will approach you once he finds attraction and warmth in your eyes. He is not going to walk up to you if you give him that cold stare now, will he?”

“Your next step in learning how to flirt with a man after you’ve made eye contact is to invite him to you without actually inviting him. Okay, maybe that confused you, did it? Let me explain. After making eye contact, let out a subtle smile or a slight nod of the head. Your man should get the signals”, continued Mark. ‘”But don’t seem over enthusiastic. That conveys a different meaning altogether which we are not going to talk about right now”, said Jacob, winking.

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