10 Cooking Tips And Tricks You Must Try

10 Cooking Tips And Tricks You Must Try

You might be a pro in the kitchen as that’s one area that you rule completely. No one can ever dare to interfere in your work of art, for cooking is an art. But some of you might not love to cook so much and dread going into the kitchen every time. Now there’s no need to worry, friends. We have come up with a few fantastic tricks and tips for making cooking an easier task for you. Even those who have mastered cooking, look out for some tips that you might not be aware of.

1. Use cooking spray to remove stains

Did you know that apart from it being used for normal cooking, cooking spray can also be used for preventing those dirty and grimy stains from your Tupperware? Yes, it can! Cooking can always lead to stains and splotches on your plastic containers. It’s better for you to be prepared for such things well in advance. Use cooking spray to prevent stains from sauces of marinara, chili, tomato and others.

2. Keep milk fresh with salt

It’s summer. The sun is shining bright and you think of serving the guests at your place some smoothies and fresh juices. But alas! The milk has passed its expiry date. Stay calm, for the next time you won’t face such a situation if you add a pinch of salt to about a gallon of milk. This will decrease the rate of bacteria growing in the milk and then you can use it even after it’s expired.

3. Freeze the tomato paste

Yes, you got that right. Every time you want to use tomato paste you just require 8-10 tablespoons of it or maybe a bit more. But surely not the whole can of tomato paste? Here’s a smart way of using the required amount of tomato paste. Just pour the leftover paste in an ice tray and freeze them. The next time you can easily use them as tomato paste cubes!

4. Use alternative for egg

There might be those times at your home when you don’t have eggs in your refrigerator and you desperately need them for making an egg recipe. What you can do is use 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise instead. It will not be an exact replacement for a whole egg, but you can make do for the time being.

5. Reuse a wrapper of butter or margarine

It’s pretty difficult to always remove every bit of butter that’s left on it’s wrapper. So here’s what you should do. Just take a Ziploc bag and put the wrappers in it and then keep it in the freezer. When you need to grease a cake pan or butter a pan for any other use, you just have to keep that wrapper onto the pan. In this way you don’t even waste that much butter.

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