What Is The Importance of Family Values In Life?

What Is The Importance of Family Values In Life?

Life is beautiful. Yet at times it can be entirely unpredictable, and at times even cruel. But in all those times, picturesque or ugly, the one thing that remains unchanged is what we call our “family”. They stand by us in the darkest of times, through the highs and lows, through the thick and thin. They believe in our abilities even when we have given up all hope. The importance of family values in one’s life is, in every sense, urgent. Parents instill in their children, from the very beginning, values which might pave way for their children’s better future. Little things, like talking sober and calm, avoiding telling lies, and obeying elders are some of the many values that are taught to us by our families. As we grow up, these family values become deep rooted in us, and we try to do our best to live up to these values.

Culture is another very important heritage that our family teaches us. The joy of giving to the less privileged, the way we get together during festivals, marriages, or any other auspicious occasion, every person comes together during the happy and sad times, all these little yet important things are taught to us by our family. Family values are of great importance in one’s life. You may feel that at a certain point of time, being honest does no good at all, rather creates problems. But the fact is, being honest prevents you from a bigger trouble that you might land in. Family values teach us to lead a disciplined and orderly life. If not for these values, there would be no apparent difference between you and a beggar who lives by the streets?

We, upon birth, do not know the difference between the rights and wrongs, or unscrupulous or in legal terms, “criminal”. Our family teaches us the right values which we carry forward with ourselves as we grow up, those which make us a human being. Our family teaches us what is prevalent and what our reactions in any given situation should be. Family values help us discern between the black, grey and white systems of nature that work their ways around us at every given moment. Being honest, reliable, and obedient throughout life is what family values teach us. Imagine a world without these values! What is being implied here is that, without these values, everyone would strive to have their own way. Goodness would cease to exist. Our world is very much intact and existing well because our ancestors chose to have a particular way of living and passed it on to us in the name of “family values”.

In today’s world, crime is rampant. We often think to ourselves, where on earth are the values of people, who go around shooting men and bombing cities in the name of God, and for the sake of money? Is money so important? Well, family values teach us to be go beyond these abominations, and leave a life free of guilt and regret.

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