5 Self Defense Products For Women Which They Must Carry

5 Self Defense Products For Women Which They Must Carry

Personal safety is one of the most important concerns for women, as crime against women has not decreased. According to statistics, most women fall prey to at least one violent act in their lives. That’s why we are presenting these 5 safety devices that a woman should always carry in her purse.

1.Pepper Spray

This is a small, not very expensive and easy to use safety device. It is non-traumatic, but can harm the attacker, only if he is highly allergic to pepper. There are many different forms and packages of this spray such as pen shaped pepper sprays or a pepper spray key chain. Thus, a pepper spray can help to prevent a guy from attacking you.

2.Stun Gun

This is a more dangerous tool if you use it to its maximal capability. Stun guns can come in compact sizes to fit in your purse. They can be pretty effective for self-defense and turn the assaulter off or cause him to run from you. There are also larger and longer stun guns. They can be used to keep the attacker away from you. This way you would not need to let him close enough, like in case of the pepper spray.


If you know how to use a pencil for your self defense, it can become a threatening weapon in your hands. A sharp pencil can be used to damage your attacker’s face, eyes or hands.

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