10 Useful Beauty Tips For Tomboys

10 Useful Beauty Tips For Tomboys

Are you a tomboy, who wants to look feminine? Then there are many beauty tips, which can help you. Many women who are tomboyish by nature wish to look different. Being a tomboy means there has to be a right mix of looking rough and girly. Read on to know more.

1. Trim your eyebrows

It is a myth that tomboys cannot trim their brows. Today even men trim their brows to look good. Trimming of eyebrows can give a new look. Simply remove excess hair from the eyebrow area to make the face look attractive. It can really make a difference to the look.

2. Apply mascara

For making the eyes look attractive, mascara can be applied to the eyelashes. Do not opt for a loud eye make; this will make you look girly. Keep it simple, by applying only mascara. This will enhance the over all appeal of your eyes.

3. Pay heed to hair care

Tomboys like to keep their hair short and spiky. Keep it short, but take care of your hair. Trim your hair after every three months. Apply a good conditioner to your hair to make the hair soft and shiny. This will definitely help you to look a little feminine.

4. Experiment with hair

Different boyish hairdos also help to get the right look. Use a hair gel and make different hairstyles.

5. Paint your nails

Paint your nails and create a different look. The nail paint options are not limited to girly pink and red. Opt for bold and vibrant colors that suit your personality. Go for colors like metallic silver and black. Dark shades can go well with your personality.

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