6 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

6 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

Come winter and a lot of households see a spike in their energy bills, especially their heating bills. You can’t help but crank up the heater and the thermostat a bit to stop yourself from shivering and lying curled up or swathed up in layers once you enter home. Heating bills sometimes go up a lot placing strain on many households and even though the energy department has made the forecast that energy bills will come down this year, we can do out bit to reduce it even further. Here are a few things you can do to reduce your heating bill this winter.

1. Close up all the holes and gaps between doors and windows

You can start small by closing all the holes and gaps near and around the windows and the doors. This not only keeps the warm air from going out but also prevents the cold air from coming in and making the room chilly. The heater has to work more when there are more gaps for the cold air to come inside. Make sure everything is tightly shut before you turn on the heating.

2. Keep changing the temperature

When you go to work during the day or sleeping during the night, you can turn the thermostat down by a few degrees. You can turn it up when you are awake and spending a lot of time awake. Even turning the thermostat low to a few degrees can make a difference in your heating bill.

3. Keep the vents clear

Do not block the vents or close them. Sometimes you might have placed your couch or a large painting that covers your vents and prevents the air from circulating well. This increases the time needed to heat the room and this increases your heating bill.

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