Top 5 Tips To Update Your Work Wardrobe Without Spending Too Much

Top 5 Tips To Update Your Work Wardrobe Without Spending Too Much

We hate it when we have to go shopping just because it’s a new fashion season and we need to update our wardrobes again. Who has the money to keep shopping so frequently? Are you facing the same problems too? Check our tips and suggestions on how to update your wardrobe and make it look new by shelling out only a few dollars.

Tip #1: Dye your clothes to a different color

After a point, how much are you going to spend on tees, jackets and jerseys in different colors? It’s a useless expense to consider when you are updating your wardrobe. All you need to do is get a DIY color dye packet from the supermarket and convert your tees, cardigans and jackets into completely new pieces.

Tip #2: Buy from a garage sale

Sometimes, the best finds are available at great prices in garage sales. It’s not necessary that you should update your wardrobe only by buying brand new items from a mall or an expensive boutique. We recently found some great once-worn shell accessories and hand sewn dresses at a garage sale down the street. Isn’t that great?

Tip #3: Get belts in all shapes and sizes

You can negate the most expensive part of updating your wardrobe by buying great belts and using them to tone up your dresses to completely different moods. Pick from a woven belt, a wide bustier belt, a super slim belt or a classic leather belt. Wearing different belts with your apparels will make them look completely new and dazzling!

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