Top 5 Tips On Cell Phone Etiquette

Top 5 Tips On Cell Phone Etiquette

Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching a romantic scene in a movie theater when someone’s cell phone, with the loudest of all rings, goes off and the person actually answers the phone? Well, we hate it too. And that’s why, we have listed down top 5 tips on cell phone etiquette that we all should follow.

1. Put your cell phone on silent mode during a movie

The next time you walk into a movie theater, remember this cell phone etiquette and promise yourself that you will put your cell phone on silent mode. Wait, it does not end here. If you do receive a call, do not answer it unless it is absolutely urgent. And if you do need to answer the call, excuse yourself out of the theater and then have your conversation.

2. Don’t take personal calls during a meeting

“Hey honey, how are you?” What would you do if your coworker said this and answered her cell phone during an important business meeting? It’s totally understandable if you frown upon your colleague’s utter disregard for this cell phone etiquette. Taking personal calls during business meetings is a strict no-no and we suggest you keep your cell phone on silent mode when you are in a meeting.

3. Speak softly in public places

No, we don’t want to hear what you had for dinner last night nor do we want to hear about your terrible day at work. So, the next time you talk to someone on your cell phone, while you are in a public place, remember this cell phone etiquette. Don’t speak too loudly, only to disturb or annoy other people around you.

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