5 Tips to Escape Embarrassing Situations

5 Tips to Escape Embarassing Situations

Do you often find yourself stuck in embarrassing situations? Are you usually very prone to becoming the laughing stock of the town? Or are you just plain scared looking at other people (victims), that you too might end up being in an embarrassing situation someday, or will end up making a fool of yourself?
These kinds of fears and questions are normal with everyone. And they are even more common during occasions such as first day at college, first day at work, going for an interview, meeting in-laws for the first time and the likes. The best way to avoid embarrassment is to avoid it. But that’s not quite possible each time. Since nobody wants to end up being in a position that embarrasses them and spoils their impression or reputation, here are some tips to escape embarrassing situations easily.

1. Play with words

Ideally, you should be very watchful of what you say at public gatherings or important private meetings. However, if by mistake your sense of humor stretches too far, or you have a slip of tongue and you say something embarrassing, you must play with your words, and try and explain the ‘real’ meaning of what you meant. So for instance, if in an argument you said aloud, ‘Why don’t you leave?’, correct it by saying, ‘I meant, why don’t you leave for your meeting now? Aren’t you getting late?’ Add a sweet smile to your correction, and maybe you’ll enjoy a clean slate!

2. Divert attention

Sometimes, embarrassing moments happen not just with words, but also with actions. You can escape such situations by distracting people around you. For instance, you’re at a party and you drop food in your wine glass by mistake, divert people’s attention to something else in the room. As they look away, correct your mistake! That way nobody really gets to know or focus on what really happened.

3. Laugh yourself!

This is one of the best ways to escape an embarrassing situation. In fact, it also makes people feel that you are sporty and have a good sense of humor. So if you are practicing horse riding and fall in a swamp by mistake, or if a bird poops on you on your open-terrace lunch, just laugh it off and talk about your luck! The other person will laugh too, and for all you know, an embarrassing gossip story could turn out to be a fun story to share with your friends.

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