6 Tips for Wearing Colored Eyeliner

Tips for Wearing Colored Eyeliner

Are you still wearing black eyeliner? While black is undoubtedly beautiful, the fashion market today offers numerous options to experiment with. Brown, white, blue, green and a host of other colors for that lovely pair can make you look ravishing and stylish. But, make one mistake and you can go from gorgeous to gross. Here are some tips for wearing colored eyeliner to bring out the fashionista in you.

1. Pick the right color

Now that you have a deluge of colors in the market from browns to oranges to pinks, choosing the right color is nearly Herculean. Do not commit the mistake of choosing your favorite color when it comes to eyeliner but choose a color that complements your eyes. For starters, here is a guide. Deep purple goes with green eyes. Olive greens are best for brown eyes. Purple and deep rose bring out the best in hazel eyes. Copper or darkest shades of blue look flattering on blue eyes. So, choose a shade that best complements your eyes.

2. Keep the rest of the look simple

When you use colored eyeliners, you are likely to draw more attention to your eyes. This means your eyes will become attention grabbers. And when you do so, make sure the rest of your look is relatively simple. Loud lips will make you look overly done up and that’s not how you may want to look.

3. Balance the look

As the eyeliner market expands, so do eye shadow trends. To look attractive, use a shade like black and brown in eyeliners on the top and a splash of colored eyeliner on the bottom. And if you are using colored eyeliner, then use shades of brown, bronze or gold for eye shadow. Stay away from using colored eye shadow when using colored eyeliner.

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