7 Things To Say To Him On Valentine’s Day

7 Things To Say To Him On Valentine's Day

It is the day to make him feel loved and special. It is the day to express your love to him. A day when you can let him know about your inner feelings and emotions! Listed are some things to say to him on Valentine’s Day. Read on and make his day all the more special.

1. ‘You are too good’

Tell him that he is the reason why you feel so happy in life. You feel so good in his company. You feel protected and loved when he is around you. You are truly compatible with him and would like to spend the rest of your life with him. Tell him that when he is around, you forget everything around you in life that is the magic of his presence.

2. ‘You are a dream’

Make this more romantic and tell him that you feel like a dream. Confess it to him on this special day that he is your dream boy. You still don’t believe that he is in your life. Tell him that he means a lot to you. And the whole day you only keep thinking about him. That is why you love him so much in life.

3. ‘You look sexy’

It is not about the gesture but the way you express. Tell him that he looks too cool and sexy in whatever he wears. On your valentine date, tell him that he looks better than you. Compliment him on his choice of color. This would really amaze him a lot as he may not expect such words from you. Make his day special your way.

4. ‘You make me smile’

Tell him that he is the sole reason for your smile in life. It is because of him that you smile all day. You keep thinking about him all the time. He is never out of your thoughts. This will surely make him realize your power of love. Confess in front of him that you are lost in life, because of one reason. And the reason being him!

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