Are You Spending Way too Much on These 5 Cosmetic Products?

Are You Spending Way too Much on These 5 Cosmetic Products?

If there one area in our budget that we ladies always end up overspending on, it has to be the cosmetics section! If you’re one of us who’s worried about this and want to make corrections, follow our guide on how to slash down your monthly budget by spending less on the following 5 cosmetics. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure it doesn’t compromise on your beauty routine.

1. Lip Balms

We know girls that you just can’t do without applying your glossy strawberry lip balm at least thrice a day. But did you know, that is what is burning a hole in your pocket? You may want to keep an ordinary non-flavored lip balm for regular use and apply your expensive ones only for special occasions. We think that lip balms are cosmetics that you can surely cut down your excuses on.

2. Face Mists and Eau De Toilette (EDT)

We can understand that every woman gets weak knees when she see face mists and EDTs with exotic fragrances of wild gooseberry, jungle wildberry, baskin banana, milky peanuts and so on. But beware of the fact that body mists are nothing but flavored water. Even their scents don’t last too long. We suggest you entirely cut down your expenditure on this cosmetic and save up some to buy a good label perfume instead.

3. Shaving Cream

Friends, if you are getting expensive brands of shaving cream, then that’s definitely one cosmetic that you can heavily cut down your spending on. The whole point of using shaving creams is to not let rashes get to your sensitive skin areas. At the end of the day, shaving cream consists of just foam and soap. We’re not asking you to skip shaving cream entirely, but you can surely cut down spending on a shaving cream which is expensive because it has fragrances of jojoba oil and avocado, right?

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