50 Things to Do at Christmas Time

50 Things to Do at Christmas Time

There are a lot of things to be happy about Christmas. The food, the fun and the people you spend it with all make it a truly special holiday. Here are some things you can do on Christmas day to make your holiday even more special.

1. Cook

The dishes could be the traditional ones, or you can bring in new stuff from your friends or people from other cultures.

2. Have a cooking party at home

You don’t have to cook alone, just because you are hosting a party. You can have everyone over and then start the cooking.

3. Give excess food to the local shelter

Or the homeless people you find on the street. Make sure it is good.

4. Surprise your family with a new and tasty recipe

They will never know even if it is bad.

5. Adopt a child whose education you can sponsor

And the list of needy is just endless.

6. Send e cards on Christmas day

It is not possible to send cards to everyone. Send e cards to those you have missed out on.

7. Go watch a local production of a Christmas play

You can a locally produced Christmas play.

8. Watch Christmas lights in the city center

This could be a great family activity.

9. Go carol singing

You can either do it before Christmas or do it on Christmas day to bring in more cheer.

10. If you are single, you can offer to babysit

Make others happy by offering to babysit for kids.

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