30 Reasons to Thank Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Reasons to Thank Your Mom This Mother's Day

You do not really need a reason to love your Mom. In fact, if you think about it, you really do not know why you love her so much – it only seems natural. It is true that love for your mom is unexplained and cannot be rationalized by logic or reasoning. It is exactly the same kind of love that your mom has for you. Such kind of love is unconditional – and it is the most potent energy known in the universe. So this Mother’s Day, let’s try and figure out a few reasons why we should be thankful to our moms for just being who they are! Here are 30 reasons to thank your mom this Mother’s Day.

1. She loves you unconditionally

No matter what kind of a kid you have been – troublesome or not, no matter how much she has scolded and beaten you for being naughty, and no matter how you have turned up as a grown up, moms can just not do without loving you for who you are.

2. She taught you unconditional love

Just as she has loved you, she has taught you to love and show compassion for others – fellow human beings as well as animals. You should be thankful to your mom for teaching you about the most potent emotion in existence.

3. She has taught you to forgive and forget

She has taught you that you must always forgive and forget, and that holding a grudge can actually be emotionally strenuous.

4. She knows what you need

She somehow always knows what you need and how you are feeling. Even if you are staying away, hundreds of miles away, your mom has an uncanny way of just knowing exactly what you are going through, if you are unwell or if you have had a bad day.

5. She is always by your side

She is unfairly biased towards you. She will always take your side, even in those most embarrassing situations where you know you are at fault, but somehow your mom would turn around things just to show others that you are not at fault. Even if she tells you off privately, in front of others, she will always take your side.

6. She is always there to help you

Apart from being by your side always, she will always be there to lend you a helping hand. She will not think twice before coming in to help you in almost anything you want. Whether it is a college project, or setting up you new house in another city, you can blindly count on your mom to be there by you and set things right.

7. She supports you

She is always supportive of you, even if you come up with the craziest of crazy ideas and the whole world is against you!

8. She has given up for you

She has given up a lot of things in life for your sake. Since the time you were born, her sole concentration has been on you and your needs. She has devoted a major part of her youth bringing you up and for that she has had to forgo a lot of things, which would never come back. Now is your chance to do your bit to make up at least a teeny bit of all that she has done for you.

9. She has put her dreams aside

She has put her own needs and aspirations aside so that you may achieve yours. She may have had a dream of doing something but never found the time or resources for it. Now is the chance for you to ensure that she gets to do what she has always wanted.

10. She taught you to become a better human being

Every Mom has a dream that her child would become a big shot when they grow up, or so they tell. But in reality, all they want deep down is that their child should be loved and cared for just as she does even when she is not there. And so she wishes that you become a good human being before anything else.

11. She has been your agony aunt at all times

Being a girl, you have been able to share everything with her – everything on every topic. Your mom has always been there to help you, guide you and advice you about everything on earth that you may have been worried, confused or upset about.

12. She made you feel safe

She made you feel safe and secure when you were a kid, and she still continues to do so. She always maintains that you need not worry a thing about anything because she is still there. You should be grateful to your mom because she has built your trust in her that she will always be there for you, through thick or thin, even if no one else stands by you.

13. She was always there for you

She was always there with you wherever you went. Whether it was school, or drawing class, or swimming lessons, or dance, or singing, your mom would always be there to drop and pick you up. You would never feel left out or lonely because your mom was there not only to fill up but also to see to and meet your needs.

14. She has been a role model for you

As a child you have seen her do things so gracefully, managing the house, her job, household chores and still meeting all needs of everyone in the family. She has been an inspiration for you ever since you began to sense and understand things.

15. She has inspired you

She has inspired and taught you that when you truly love someone, you can go out of your way to help them. She has taught you the true meaning of love and about expectations to have or not have from those you love so much.

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