5 Signs You are Left Brained Person

Signs You are Left Brained Person

Scientists are yet to uncover all secrets that the human brain has. There are endless avenues that exploring the human brain could open up. However, some things are already known. You may have heard that the brain is primarily divided into two parts. This hemispherical division makes the brain comprise the left side and the right side. While the left side is the rational or logical side, the right side is the creative and imaginative side. Notwithstanding the debates and arguments as to which side is superior, each one of us is equipped to use any one side of the brain more profusely than the other side. While the right side of the brain is mostly used for imagining, believing in things and subjective thinking, the left side of the brain determines how rational and logical our thoughts and beliefs are. Listed here are 5 signs that you are a left brained person.

1. You are good with grammar

If you love the languages and are quite good at grammar, then you are a left brained person. Left brained persons are good with languages; they love to learn new languages, and are quite adept at picking them up quickly. If this sounds like you, they you are mostly a left brained person.

2. You are great at analytical thinking

Are you good at analytical and critical thinking? Do you always try to analyze things and think about them too gravely than needed? If such is the case, then you are a left brained person. Left brained people are more into rationalizing things than right brained ones.

3. You always think logically

Not everyone can think logically about everything. Most of the times we are driven by our emotions and more so in the case of right brained people. But if you tend to think things logically and not get unnecessarily driven by your feelings, then you are undoubtedly left brained. You have the inclination to do things because you need to do them or because they will be profitable in some way or the other, rather than do them just for fun or just because you simply love to do them.

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