7 Popular Small Talk Topics

7 Popular Small Talk Topics

Small talk can be very useful when you are in the company of acquaintances or people who you don’t know very well. It can also be used as a filler while conversing with somebody when there is an awkward silence. Here are a few popular small talk topics that people usually talk about.

1. The weather

Making small talk about the weather is one of the most common things to do when you are faced with an awkward situation of interacting with an unfamiliar person. You can talk about how sunny, wet, bright or cold the weather is on a given day and how you had trouble commuting. Once you start a conversation about the weather, you are likely to get a good response because is a topic on which everyone can share their experience.

2. Stocks

The stock market is a very common topic to make small talk, even between people who may not be well versed in the field of finance. You can break the ice with someone by discussing a certain stock’s fluctuation in the day, how the market fell badly or rose suddenly. This can become a good gateway for you to discuss any other matters related to current news items too.

3. Movies

Art, entertainment, movies, celebrities and gossip are very popular small talk topics because they can instantly grab attention. These topics are commonly read about which makes them easy to discuss. Which actress broke up with which actor, the latest event in town and the newly released Hollywood blockbuster are all topics that can make for breezy small talk.

4. Current events

Politics, sports, international happenings and local news are known to be popularly used as small talk topics across the world. Since most people read newspapers, talking about such things becomes very easy. People are known to especially like talking about sports by discussing the career of a famous player, which team won, whether they deserved to win or not and so on.

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