5 Super Interesting Facts About Gold

Super Interesting Facts About Gold

The bright yellow precious metal, gold is one of the most well-known and much loved metals in the world. It is often used to flaunt a person’s wealth and status. No one knows about the origin of Gold. While some theories say that it came to earth through an asteroid there are other theories that suggest that it is a remnant from the collision of some neutron stars. Here are some interesting facts about gold.

1. Gold is edible

Did you know that gold in its pure form is non-toxic and does not cause any irritation or harm when consumed? In fact, some alcoholic beverages, jellies, tea, and coffee actually contain metallic gold. However, compounds of gold such as gold chloride is toxic and is harmful for the human body if consumed.

2. Gold can be recycled

Gold has been undergoing recycling ever since it was first founded. In fact some of the gold pieces that we use today have been recycled from ancient coins and artifacts. Also, at one point of time several hundreds of years ago, gold was used as a medium of trade. Gold coins were used as money. They have now been replaced by paper currency.

3. Gold in oceans

Some gold has been discovered in the oceans of the world. However, it is not a very large amount, thereby making it impractical to extract it from there. In fact, calculations revealed that it would cost more to extract the gold than selling it in the market.

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