10 Most Expensive Jewellery Brands In The World

Most Expensive Jewellery Brands In The World

To a lot of people, jewellery is as important as the clothes they wear. When you see celebrities walking down the
red carpet in expensive and fancy clothes, they often wear expensive jewellery too to compliment their outfits and get the perfect look.

The jewellery market is rapidly expanding these days with newer designs and trends coming up every now and then. Exquisite pieces with rare gems and jewels are quite an in thing.

We introduce you to some of the most expensive jewellery brands all over the world.

1. Chopard

A luxury Swiss watch making and jewellery brand, Chopard makes use of 18 karat gold for their pieces in combination with high quality gemstones. All their items are developed with maximum precision and utmost focus on quality. You pick up any of their pieces, and there will be details to it that you can’t notice in the first go, but have been carefully thought of to make the piece rare and as beautiful as it looks to you.

2. Piaget

It started off as a brand making high-quality time pieces, but soon expanded into the area of fine jewellery as well. Piaget’s signature rose is a part of many of it’s carefully developed designs. All their pieces have a unique old world charm to them, adding to the elegance and sophistication.

3. Tiffany

With it’s signature designs and delicate blue packaging, Tiffany is one of the dream brands for every girl. Each woman hopes that her proposal ring comes from there! With use of high quality materials, Tiffany makes elegant and simple pieces, which are modern and classy. Some of their patent classic designs since their launch are available even today, and the brand can boast of a very elite clientele too.

4. Harry Winston

What sets this jewellery brand apart from the others is the use of only the most exquisite jewels in extremely intricate and elaborate designs, which require master craftsmanship and absolute precision. All designs take a long time to develop, making each piece unique. The detailing in the pieces is to die for!

5. Cartier

Cartier is one of the most innovative jewellery brands ever. Their signature panther design has been remodelled over the years to suit modern sensibilities. It is a part of many bold yet feminine and elegant designs from the brand – in jewellery and watches both. The brand is a favorite with the royals with many pieces made on request or when commissioned.

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