8 Ways to Make Your Car Smell Good

Ways to Make Your Car Smell Good

Proper sanitization and hygiene is important to keep your car smelling good. Can you drive a car which has a foul smell? You would get suffocated, right? A good smell in the car would keep you fresh and active as well. Listed below are some ways to make your car smell good.

1. Remove all the unnecessary things

Remove all the unwanted things from the car. Wrappers, cans and paper bags should be discarded after use. Used cans can emit really foul smell in the car. It is important to remove all the things which have been used by you. Throw all the unwanted garbage or things which are of no use.

2. Vacuum your car

If you wash your car from outside, then vacuum it regularly from within as well. Only washing it on the exterior would not be enough. Use a good car vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from the seat covers and upholstery. If possible, vacuum your car every alternate day. This would ensure good smell and proper hygiene.

3. Do not smoke in the car

Smoking does leave a foul odor in the car. The smell of smoke also affects the seat and upholstery of the car. If possible, refrain from smoking in the car. If need be, get out and smoke, so that your car smells good.

4. Remove the floor mats

Do you remove the floor mats from your car regularly? Well, floor mats attract lot of dust and debris, as a result of which it emits a foul smell in your car. Remove your floor mats from the car every three-four days. Shake the dust off and then place them back. If need be, wash the floor mat with soap water and then place it back in your car.

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